Tackling Injury by JD Hylton

“Training is going well, you’re starting to feel good and then, as unexpected as superman punch in a grappling tournament, WHAM you get an injury!  What do you do now?”

Tackling Injury by JD Hylton – Volume 1 Issue 1

In this downloadable PDF article, Leicester MMA Academy boxing coach and resident physiotherapist JD Hylton reveals his top tips for injury prevention and advice on travelling the road to recovery if an injury does occur.

About leicestermma

Boxing | Jiu Jitsu | MMA Book your FREE TRIAL on 07926 110 726 or email LeicesterMMA@hotmail.co.uk Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the home of the Leicester Shootfighters (LSF) team. We are Leicestershire's oldest and most accomplished MMA and BJJ club. Our experienced team of instructors coach all levels from complete beginner to professional fighter and we pride ourselves on our internationally renowned technical teaching and great club atmosphere. All levels welcome.
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