Boxing at Leicester MMA Academy with JD Hylton – Session 2: Co-ordination, Rhythm and Timing

Leicester Shootfighters – Boxing Session by JD Hylton 21st Sept 2011

Session 2 Co-ordination, Rhythm and Timing

All physical skills require coordination of muscles in order to move limbs/the body in certain way to achieve an optimum balance, which results in an efficient and meaningful outcome.   In order to move, balance, throw punches, defend punches etc we need good coordination between our balance, posture, stance, shape and anticipation.

Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accurately. This may involve the senses, muscular contractions and joint movements.

Everything that we participate in requires the ability to coordinate our limbs to achieve a successful outcome – from walking to the more complex movements of athletic events like the pole vault.

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Boxing | Jiu Jitsu | MMA Book your FREE TRIAL on 07926 110 726 or email Leicester Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the home of the Leicester Shootfighters (LSF) team. We are Leicestershire's oldest and most accomplished MMA and BJJ club. Our experienced team of instructors coach all levels from complete beginner to professional fighter and we pride ourselves on our internationally renowned technical teaching and great club atmosphere. All levels welcome.
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